Head Office :
128, Jalan Mersing
86000, Kluang, Johor.
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Branch Office :
No.1, Jalan Berangan,
86000, Kluang, Johor.
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Company's Background

The Company was established on 19 April 1977, address 128, Jalan Mersing, 86000 kluang , Johor under Syarikat Sunrise Trading and was incorporated in Malaysia on the 25 in the month of March in the year 1996 and registered in the name of SUNRISE FIXTURES & FITTINGS SENDIRIAN BERHAD, with the status of SENDIRIAN BERHAD (“PRIVATE LIMITED”). The registered address is at No 128, Jalan Mersing, 86000 Kluang, Johor. The company was originally a furniture manufacturer and wholesaler and was further expanded as a general contractor involving in building constructions, renovations and upgrading of premises. The company has the experience in undertaking medium and large scale projects, both from the Government and Private sectors. The shareholders themselves are actively involved in the Management and Operation of the Company, sharing their wealth of experience in the construction lines and other related areas.

During the company’s existence, it had been awarded with many contracts and tenders, had participated both in the Government as well as the Private sectors tenders. Throughout the duration of the contracts, the Company had performed in accordance to the specified tender & contracts specifications and complied to the job schedules as required satisfactory. The company enjoys good rapport from the clients, the consultants, the suppliers and the banks or funding agents.


The main objective for the formation of the Company is to operate business in the fields of manufacturing lines and construction lines. The company actively participates in all Quotations and Tender exercises issued by Local Governments, Federal Governments, Private Sectors and others, in the manufacturing and constructions.

Business Activities
The Company offers business which are classified under the following categories : -
a. Manufacturer of furniture include loose items and built-in items.
b. General building constructions include renovations and upgrading of premises
c. A furniture supplier register under Kementerian Kewangan : - ke. kewangan/K&B/D/02/474 357-043832